Test Your Cardiopulmonary Endurance Level

Are you a healthy adult who can complete 500 meters distance in 6 minutes? If yes! Do you feel breathless after the walk? How much would you rate your perceived exertion? Cardiopulmonary endurance is the level at which the heart, lungs and muscles work together during exercise. The muscles require supply of oxygen and nutrients […]

Physiotherapy After Ligament Injury

The elastic bands of tissue that connect bones to each other by providing stability and strength to the joint is known as ligament. Any individual can encounter a fall in their lifetime. This can be a sudden impactful fall which may cause damage to the ligaments in our legs. When an overstretched hand fall occurs there is […]

A Healthier Back Reflects Stronger Body

A very common problem experienced by many people from every household is back pain. The back has three segments such as the neck, upper back and lower back. The most frequently affected is lower back which is the most mobile segment. Almost 80-90% of individuals suffer from lower back pain without any obvious cause. The […]

Sustained Postural Muscle Imbalance and Pain

Ergonomics is the science of designing a workplace or workstation with the employees needs in mind. This provides passive support for maintaining a sustained posture. The ergonomic support workstation can never be an alternative to active muscle work. As a result, the muscles become more inactive due to long term use. Active muscle control is the […]

Hamstring Pain or Back Pain?

One of the clinically proven fact is that hamstring tightness leads to back pain and disc herniation. It is important that we stretch the hamstring muscle for good flexibility in spine and prevent back injuries. Tight hamstring affects the position of pelvis – when moving forward it can strain ligaments surrounding the vertebrae and disks […]

Stroke Recovery: Focus on Task Specific Training

Stroke is focal neurological deficit resulting from ischemic or hemorrhagic lesions in brain. It effects movement, balance, coordination, sensations which can lead to functional impairments or disabilities. Task specific training is a complex and one of the most important techniques to get marked progress in post stroke cases. It emphasizes use of affected limbs using […]

Post COVID-19 Muscles Weakness and Disuse Atrophy

After testing positive for COVID-19, the average stay at hospital or isolation at home is almost 14 days and the duration extends with critical illness. Fatigue is one of the most common symptom of COVID-19 which leads to inactivity during isolation period. Approximately 1% muscle strength is decreased with bed rest per day in healthy […]

Prevention of Falls: Balance Physiotherapy

A positive outlook is very important while aging. One should also be aware of the changes the body undergoes. The world statistics for fall reports that 30% of elderly over 65 years fall ever year. This is attributed to the drastic changes in body biomechanics and physiological mechanisms. The important factors which contribute to maintain […]

Physiotherapy for Piriformis Syndrome

Are you having pain or numbness in buttocks radiating down to knee level on back of thigh? Does your buttocks pain increase after prolonged sitting? Does your pain increase at night? Do you wake up in midnight because of severe pain in buttocks? Do you keep your leg in shortened outward rotation while lying? If […]

Geriatrics difficulties from sitting to standing

Perhaps your grandmother is drinking less water and becoming dehydrated because she is finding it difficult to get up from her favorite chair. Our elders are choosing not to move mostly because of the difficulty standing up from a seated position. Have you noticed your grandparents taking longer time than usual to stand up from […]