Physiotherapy for Piriformis Syndrome

  • Are you having pain or numbness in buttocks radiating down to knee level on back of thigh?
  • Does your buttocks pain increase after prolonged sitting?
  • Does your pain increase at night?
  • Do you wake up in midnight because of severe pain in buttocks?
  • Do you keep your leg in shortened outward rotation while lying?

If you have answered “YES” then you might be suffering from Piriformis syndrome.

Piriformis syndrome is a rare neuromuscular disorder in which sciatic nerve is entrapped between two heads of piriformis muscles resulting in deep buttocks pain radiating into posterior thigh. It is also known as “wallet syndrome” because pain is often aggravated by keeping heavy wallet in back pocket and sitting over it for long time. This thick wallet further compresses gluteal muscles and causes an increase pain.  It is often confused with lumber disc related sciatica.

A physiotherapist can help in relieving pain and muscle spasm by different modalities and specific exercises such as ultrasound, stretching and strengthening exercises and can guide you in ergonomic changes in sitting or other activities of daily living.

If you are suffering or having doubt of Piriformis syndrome, call 800PHYSIO for appointment with physiotherapist to get it diagnosed and managed timely.