Post Covid-19 Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy After Hospitalization

Prolonged hospitalization especially days spent in the ICU can cause significant complications apart from admitting diagnosis. With Covid 19 hospitalization, the complications include some lingering effects within the neuromuscular system.

  • 5-2% per day reduction in muscle mass
  • Anxiety and Delirium post ICU sedation
  • Hypotension
  • Atelectasis which can build pneumonia
  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Skeletal pain and aches
  • Undiagnosed nerve pain

Mobility is crucial after Covid-19

Covid 19 can increase the recovery time needed to get back on your feet due to long lasting fatigue, tiredness, lethargy and high level of weakness. As a result of the residual effects, activity intolerance becomes the major barrier to not wanting to move. A strong exercise program with dedicated times and allowance for rest periods become mandatory. Mobilization is a major part of the recovery process.

Some benefits of movements include:

  • Enhance lung function
  • Minimize risk of bed sores
  • Reduce Stress
  • Countereffect Osteoarthritis, and bone health
  • Reduce Brain Fog and cognitive decline in elders
  • Maintain Blood Pressure
  • Day time activity improves night sleep schedule
  • Helps in maintaining muscle strength
  • Reduce the risk of developing blood clots and reduction in edema

Why do you need Physiotherapy after Covid-19?

  • Bring Balance and Restore Confidence
  • Treat Muscle Contractions and Unsteady Gait
  • Work on your endurance and ability to move
  • Chest Physiotherapy can strengthen your respiratory system and help you breath better.
  • Helps to regaining physical function and strength
  • They can also help you in preventing joint contractures

Physiotherapy can become more important in helping patients recover and to minimize the long-term effects of Covid-19.

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